Saturday, May 7, 2011


Lula is a North Carolina folk artist born and raised in a rural community of Wolf Pit, North Carolina. Her childhood home was located in the middle of a cotton field, the early childhood experience of of the cotton field is reflected in her work. She also worked in the tobacco mill during her early years. She started painting at age eleven in the fifth grade, with the direction and encouragement of her special teacher, Mrs. Anna Wall Johnson at Ashley Chapel Elementary School. While at elementary school, she had a privilege of doing bulletin boards, floats, and some other projects that were available. Mrs. Johnson often said to young Lula “Stick with it, and one day it will serve you well.”

For a period of approximately five to six years, her art
took a slight detour, when she pursued a career in modeling with the Greensboro
based Glamour Inc. Lula was blessed with two loving children, Cynthia and Jack Jr. when they became teenagers, Lula’s painting resumed at a rapid pace. She created images of things she had seen combined with her life experiences and imaginations.
The setting of Lula’s first art show and many to
follow was in the closet of her job at Richmond Memorial Hospital. Quite often during her lunch break, she would show her art to different people. This led to her being invited to display some of her paintings at the Leath Memorial Library.
Her paintings have been exhibited in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC and several galleries in North Carolina.

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