Tuesday, June 7, 2011


“I am so excited to be associated with such a talented, imaginative, accomplished, hard working community of artists. What an amazing day at the Carter Building! You could feel the creative energy in the air. Everyone participating had so much fun. The mural is fun, colorful and captures the story of the Carter Building Community. “

Rick Bennett

“Thanks for putting my thoughts into words, Rick! I join you in appreciating the leadership and creativity of those who gave shape to this project, strengthening both our Carter Building community, and Raleigh, at large.

I love the inspiration of each of us bringing our own unique gifts; learning from what others offer and feeling the pleasure of extending our own flavor into the mix.

What an opportunity we have with all our creative spirits! We're a funny lot by nature, I think. Or maybe it's just me. I love to be by myself when I'm painting, yet I feel super-charged and engaged by being with other artists. Just doing this project, I noticed I went from being addressed in polite terms to being "one of the guys". We have so much potential in this group. I am grateful for Tunde, Susan and Lee for being the brainstormers who planted the seeds and cultivated the soil for the rest of us to flourish. Now, I see the process growing, so that many more join in the joy of creating with like-minded artists.

Our working together can only serve to ignite the community! Bring on the church groups, home schoolers, neighbors, politicians, and celebrities. We're the place to be!”

 Yay us!

With gratitude,
Donna Belt

“Great job by the painters, photographers and Web/Blog masters. The final work is fantastic as is/are the immediate postings. Anyone in the community looking at the photos online should be impressed with the capabilities displayed by TCB folk and look forward to what may be brewing for the future...”
Good Stuff!
Bill Beatty

“We had a lot of fun with this mural event and it was an unqualified success, thank you to those who organized it. As daunting a task as it was the group pulled it off amazingly well and it created more buzz in the community than I'd anticipated.

After showing the photos to numerous people there are many who are already regretting not seeing this event and telling me they will commit to coming next year. I have spoken to one minister at a mid size church and he says he'd like to advertise the next event to his church.

It is my opinion that the next one could draw many hundreds of people. Maybe we need to dream even larger?”

 Steve Coad

“Thanks to all who helped and all who came out and painted! It was a great day, we had more than 50 participants ranging from local politicians, artists, families, passer-bys and a tourist from Greece!
Truly a community palette! Steve Caod will have photos on his website tonight,
www.simplyphotosnc.com. I will get photos on our website tomorrow! The mural needs the final finish and then it will be hung!”