Saturday, August 15, 2009


Welcome to The Carter Building! Here you will find a uniquely assembled, eclectic mix of more than 70 people, each committed to the pursuit of creative endeavors and each contributing a passion that fosters and nurtures the overarching Karma of The Carter Building.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


12-22 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27603
Carter Building is a great place to experience the arts in Raleigh, NC.
Located on the corner of Hillsborough St. and Glenwood Avenue, this venue offers an array of artistic expression that is invigorating and enlightening. It's the place to be every First Friday in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Studio 1-3: Local Color Gallery 919-754-3887
Lizzie Bailey, Lee Ball, Pam Berger, Mary Ruth Dana, Cecilia Guitarte, Janie Johnson, Lydia Mendise, Adrien Montoya, Wanda Oates,
Virginia Owen, Mary Beth Owen-Zdanski, Pat Pierce, Shawnda Rossi, Lora Stager

Studio 4: Nancy FitzSimons 919-791-0052

Studio 5: Ellen Gamble 919-832-8046

Studio 6: Arts By Us
Diane Burke, Clina Polloni, Alberto Polloni, Julia Polloni-Vick

Studio 7: Sloan Grimes Bridger

Studio 8: David Bibb 919-829-1000

Studio 9: Mary Storms 919-870-9227

Nicole Hanner (919-621-2072)
Lawrence Jones Design 919-830-0848

Studio 10: Points of View Photography Gallery 919-829-1000, 919-302-3830
Diane Amato, Billy Barns, David Bibb, Carson Boone, J.P. Corr III, Paul Dagys, Peter Rilene, Victor Friedman, Paul Gentille, Titus Brooks, Heagins, Stu Jenks, Mary Shannon Johnstone, Claire Levitt, Dale O’Dell, Leah Sobsey, Jane Terry, Robert Vance

Studio 11A: Nina Jackson 919-819-9557, 919-829-0033

Studio 11C: Tammie Carter 919-848-3869

Studio 12B: Leah Isadore 919-971-5729

Studio 12C: Pam Hedrick 919-787-1496

Studio 13A: Ashlynn Browning

Studio 13B: Jim Burris 919-827-2659
Mindy Burris 919-866-9385

Studio 13C: Kathleen Nobles 919-616-5486

Studio 14: Lori White 919-604-2584

Studio 14B: Pitch Gallery

Studio 16: Less Than Greater Than 919-818-1690
Robert Meyers and Renee McHugh

Studio 17: Rob Romaine

Studio 18A: Jennifer Weinberg 919-609-1040

Studio 18B: TUNDEVISUALART 252-267-5981
Tunde Afolayan Famous

Studio 18C: Traci Lorraine

Studio 20: Eric Cecka

Studio 21: Steve Jackman 919-755-1981

Studio 24: Julie Fay, Susan Jones, Kathryn Wilson

Studio 25: UpstART
Rick Bennett, Nimah Darcy (919-741-9085), Caprice McNeill (919-828-2769), Michelle Meek, Delphine Peller (919-676-5594), Val Royall (919-623-5068)

Studio 27: Deborah Crawford

Studio 28: Elise Okrend 919-621-1579

HIPSTERIA (basement gallery)

Peche de chocolat 919-854-1112

Blue Toggle Sylvia Poole (floor connecting gallery)