Monday, January 24, 2011


ART in EDUCATION_ Carter Building Art Center

Tunde Afolayan, accomplished artist and educator, makes a significant impact on the lives of people through his paintings, workshops, and residencies. Since completing his graduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Afolayan has exhibited paintings in Nigeria, Europe, and the U.S. His thematic compositions in vibrant colors allow figurative images to adopt expressive, abstract, and representational qualities. His skills and expertise in diverse media such as printmaking, photography, mosaic, painting, and clay are remarkable proofs of his competency.
His program, with a diverse range of students, has been used extensively in a successful national YouthARTS Development Project to demonstrate how the powers of art contribute to improving behaviors and attitudes in young people.

Programs include “Community Mural” residencies for arts councils, museums, libraries, recreation centers, senior centers, public and transitional housing facilities. Also available are “Multicultural Mural” and “Identity Mask” workshops to strengthen team spirit, cultural appreciation, and respect for others in a corporate environment.In-School Educational Programs Educational programs include residencies and workshops that provide students with a unique avenue for experiencing art through visual stimulation, demonstration, and experimentation.

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