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Join us for classes and workshops that will allow you to explore the joy of creativity. Our artists are looking forward to sharing their knowl¬edge with you. Classes and workshops will be process oriented, working to enhance your skills. There will also be open studio times where you can come and paint, enjoy camaraderie and critique each other’s work under the guidance of one of our instructors.
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Making Marks
with N. Lee Ball
Tuesdays, January 11th - February 1st 6:30-8:30pm

Making Marks - using line to your advantage - class series will explore drawing techniques using various drawing media, both traditional and non-traditional. Students will create loose, expressive works that can stand alone or enhance other works. Small class size and personal atten¬tion emphasized, ages 16 and up, beginners and up.
Session 1: Jan 11 - Feb 1: Dry Media; Future sessions include Line: wet media, Line: exploring color and Line: mixing it all up: $20 individual class (4), $70 for complete session.

Palette of Vision
with Tunde Afolayan
Wednesdays, January 12th-February 2nd, 7-9pm

This exciting course will rejuvenate your energies about the principles of design and visual language. Primarily the goal is to equip you with the skills necessary to fulfill your artistic vision. This class is taught with the individual artist in mind, teaching principles of visual language without smothering artistic vision. In a progressive and comprehensive manner, you will be trained to look, see and think in a way that will equip you to make art completely yours. True artistic freedom comes when you have developed the skills to convey, on a two-dimensional surface, what your vision has led you to paint.
cost $120 Class size: Minimum - 2/Maximum - 4
Open to all levels
Medium: Acrylics
Students bring their own supplies: canvas, paint and brushes

I See Colors: Joy of Painting
with Tunde Afolayan
Saturdays, January 15-29, 1-3pm

With a series of simple, easy to follow sequential exercises you will learn how to manipulate paint with control to get colors which contain the proper value and intensity needed in your painting. This is what “paint¬ing” is essentially: observing a color and then being able to apply that exact color as needed to relate properly with other colors in your painting. Emphasis will be on the importance of dominance in shape, value, texture and color.
We will cover various paint applications, brush work, and use of a palette knife. This class will give you the foundation you need to get more enjoy¬ment out of painting.
cost $100 Class size: Minimum - 2/Maximum - 4
Open to all levels
Medium: Acrylics
Students bring their own supplies: canvas, paint and brushes

Photographing and Adjusting Images of your Art
with Rick Bennett
Saturday January 22nd or January 29th, Time TBD

Whether you are new to documenting your art or looking to improve your skills this workshop will provide the basics as well advanced techniques for photographing your art, adjusting the image to accurately represent it and preparing the image to enter art exhibitions. During the work¬shop we will go through the process step by step and demonstrate these techniques. This hands on workshop will be limited to a class size of two students to allow each student to photograph and adjust the images of their art.
$45.00 for the one day 2 1/2 hour workshop, 2 student maximum

Beginning Colored Pencil
With Susan Jones
Thursdays January 20th - February 10th 10-12am

Move from the world of Crayola to artist grade colored pencils and come to love their expressiveness and versatility. This class will focus on technique beginning with layering to create rich colors. We will explore various strokes for applying color and creating texture and different types of paper. No drawing necessary, you will transfer photographs to your surface so that our time will be spent with color. We will work on various subjects to provide exposure to as many techniques as possible.
$75 for 4 weeks

Basic Crochet
with Cody Nichols
Mondays January 24th - February 14th 10-12am

This class will introduce you to the basics of crochet stitches and pattern reading. From a simple beginning chain to double crochet stitch, you will build on your skills to create a small finished piece. We will also discuss how color combinations and yarn choices can really make your work stand out.

The Wonderful World of Watercolor
with Janie Johnson
Wednesdays January 26th -March 2nd 10am - 1pm

This watercolor course will accommodate both beginning and continuing students. Each class will begin with a short demonstration by the artist focusing on a variety of watercolor techniques. Students will then work using photographs or other visual aids. Emphasis will be on achiev¬ing bold watercolors using fewer strokes. We will explore color mixing, perspective, composition, values, and principles and elements of design. Janie will show you how to apply rich and vibrant watercolors in a very wet and saturated technique removing some of the frustrations that can be common while working with watercolors.
cost is $30 per class or $150 for the 6 week session

Open Watercolor Studio
with Janie Johnson
Wednesdays beginning January 26th 1 - 3pm

Students are encouraged to come paint in ‘Creation Studio’ during Open Studio time. Bring a project that you are working on or continue the proj¬ect that was started in the Watercolor Class.
Cost is $10 a session.

Beginning Acrylics
with N. Lee Ball

Session 1: Tuesdays, February 8th-March 1st 6:30-8:30pm
Session 2: Tuesdays, March 8th-March 28th 6:30-8:30pm
Beginning Acrylics - Basic techniques, material and color theory will be discussed, demonstrated and applied to student work. Focus will be on finding where you are and enhancing your skills. Small class size and personal attention emphasized, ages 16 and up, beginners and up.
$20 individual class (4), $70 for complete session. One time material fee of $10 for entire 4 sessions due at first attended class.

Beginning Watercolor, Groundwork for Adventure
with Rick Bennett
Saturday, February 19th through March 26th 10-12am

Beginning Watercolor, Groundwork for Adventure Syllabus
Week 1: General Introduction to materials and brush strokes.
Week 2: Demonstration and exercises: Wet on Wet, Wet on dry, Dry on dry, Dry on wet.
Week 3: Color Wheel, primary color, secondary color, complimentary color, warm/cool colors, mixing bright clean colors, neutrals and darks, importance of leaving your whites, negative painting,
Week 4: Value, light and shadow, soft, hard and lost edges,
Week 5: Working from photographs, methods to improve reference pho-tographs.
Week 6: Basic elements of design and composition.
$85.00 for the 6 weeks of classes, 4 Student minimum to hold class.

Artist Bios

Tunde Afolayan

Tunde, accomplished artist and educator, makes a significant impact on the lives of people through his paintings, workshops, and residencies. An experienced teaching artist with three decades of teaching courses in art, he brings a wealth of experience into his workshops and classes. Tunde has exhibited paintings in galleries and museums in Nigeria, Europe and the U.S.
Exploring color as the basis of painting, Tunde infuses spiritualism and symbolism in his powerful lyrical expressions. His thematic compositions captured in vibrant colors allow figurative images to adopt expressive, abstract qualities as well as representational styles. Tunde’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections throughout the world.
For more information: 919,794.1247

N. Lee Ball
Lee has taught high school art for 11 years in public schools and is an exhibiting artist, primarily concentrating in oils. Lee has a Bachelors of Environmental Design in Architecture from NCSU College of Design and Bachelors of Studio Art: concentration sculpture and painting and a K-12 teaching certificate from Meredith College. Lee believes that all who de¬sire to create art can. One must find their strengths and make them come to life…and have fun!
For more information, visit:

Rick Bennett
Rick’s art has exhibited at the Charlotte Mint Museum, Fayetteville Museum, Halpert Biennial at Appalachian State University, Raleigh Fine Art Society Annual Exhibition, Visual Art Exchange, Flanders Art Gallery, Best in Show for Technique at The Raleigh Street Painting Festival 2008.
He is a member of the Board of Directors and past President of Visual Art Exchange and leads the VAE Plein Air Painters Group. He also teaches watercolor at Pullen Arts Center in Raleigh. You can find his work at Up¬start Studio in the Carter Building open for the First Friday Art Walk each month and by appointment.
Rick worked with photography for 12 years. His photography has been accepted for exhibition in shows at the Charlotte Mint, Fayetteville Muse¬um, Appalachian State University and the Raleigh Fine Art Exhibition. For the last 7 years he has been painting in watercolor. He photographs his art and uses Photoshop to adjust his images to enter shows, make prints for his sample book and create cards and prints of his work to sell. He teaches beginning and advanced watercolor at Pullen Art Center in Raleigh.
For more information:; (919)609-9205.

Janie Johnson
My journey for the past 20 years has been one of learning to express my¬self in new ways, studying the work of others and finding my own voice in artistic media. I have had the opportunity to study with a variety of local and nationally known artists. Some of the classes were intensive sessions to help me develop my own personal style, while others were in a group setting that provided insight to other artists and their approach to ‘seeing’ in the world of art.
As a former teacher, it was only natural to want to share my passion with others. Beginning with small group lessons in my studio over 10 years ago, I have continued to expand my instructional offerings to children and adults through special programs at several local retirement communities, at Pullen Art Center, and at Jerry’s Artrama in Raleigh. How rewarding it is to watch people develop the ability to ‘see’ and paint the world around them.

Susan Jones
Having always wanted to be an artist, when my youngest started school, I decided to pursue my dream. I didn’t know anything about art other than I wanted to ‘create it’! I studied photography and illustration at Meredith College before getting my Master’s degree in Design at NCSU. I am proof positive that anyone can learn to draw and fulfill their creative dreams! My current work centers around using colored pencils to hand color black and white photographs. Visit to see my work.

Cody Nichols
I’m a hairdresser by trade, a mother by choice and a crafter by necessity.
Eight years ago I sat down early one Sunday morning with a 3 dollar bro¬chure from Wal Mart called “Teach Yourself to Crochet in Just One Day!” I worked at it and worked at it for about three hours straight. Oh my god, my hands were tired and cramped but I was so proud of my tiny little 3” swatch of crochet stitches when I was done! Since then I have devoured crochet. My best friend says if I can teach her, I can teach anyone.
Some of my crochet jewelry work can be seen at
and on, an online knitting and crochet community.

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